Cannabinoid c-Liquid 5ml


Order online Cannabinoid c-Liquid – 5F-AKB48.Currently we offer C-Liquids in many different flavors and more to come.7ML of chemical suspension is roughly the same as 6-7 grams of herbal blends.

Cannabinoid c-Liquid 5ml

Cannabinoid c-Liquid 5ml, C-Liquids are accessible in a wide range of flavors and more to come. 7ML of chemical suspension is generally equivalent to 6-7 grams of homegrown mixes.

Creamy Caramel





Ice Menthol

Blue Mist



Rhubarb and Custard

Main Ingredients it contains

Cannabinoid c-Liquid – 5F-AKB48

Sweet Leaf C-Liquid – 30ml x 5 (150ml)

Sweet Leaf C-Liquid. 5 x 30ml vials (150ml)

N-(1-adamantyl)- 1-pentyl-1H-indazole-3-carboxamide

Contains 5F-AKB48, Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine.

Who is this product for?

Pregnant women and childer under 18 cant utilize this product. This product is for those individuals who regularly be discouraged and have so insomniac condition.

What are the product’s basic subtleties?

This product is basically made of synthetic incenses. It contains synthetic cannabinoids. In fact, A synthetic cannabinoid is like cannabinoids that are initially gotten from the hemp plants.

Where might to utilize this product?

You can utilize this at your home and in those places where you feel comfortable as different places. Moreover, like appreciating the beach, tuning in to music, and before you are heading to sleep.

Furthermore, It isn’t recommended to utilize this while you are driving and working in your office.

When would it be advisable for someone to utilize the product?

As a result, On the off chance that you are feeling uncomfortable with your states of mind like pressure, tension, depleted, and having muscle discomfort. Thus, this product is beneficial to you. In addition-to, It causes you to make your psychological feeling of anxiety to typical. It can assist you with resting soundly. Similarly, In the wake of having a decent rest time, you should feel your muscles loose and unstressed. It works magically and makes your body stimulated.

How does the product work?

This incense is breathed in by utilizing vaporizers. The smoke you breathe in your lung blends in with your blood and begins to circulate in your body. Likewise, Causes your sensory system to work ordinarily to reduce your pressure. Finally, That assists with reducing pressure and causes your body ease and to feel better.


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